Wimborne Railway Society Committee

In this section you can find out who is on the Committee and their latest key decisions. 



CHAIRMAN – Barry Moorhouse

VICE – CHAIRMAN – Jim Henville

TREASURER Mike Wescombe

SECRETARY – Clive Finder

MEMBERSHIP – Martin Catford

COMMITTEE MEMBERS – Bob Steedman, Peter Watson, Graham Bevan, George Russell 



Nominations are open for all the Committee posts. If you are interested in standing please have a word with one of the current Committee members. Our Chairman and Vice Chairman are standing down in December and we are also looking for a new Programme organiser.

The agenda will be published here in due course and will also be available to view at the Club room.

EGM – 21st February – attended by 56 members plus Committee.


There was an extensive discussion about the way the Society should move forward and how our funding should work best for the membership.

It was AGREED that, contrary to the outcome of the AGM, the attendance fee for visitors would revert to £3. There was a need for the “Tuesday modellers” to inform the wider membership of their work – the new website would be a useful tool for doing that – and all members have an open invitation to running sessions and are welcome on Tuesday evenings to improve their own skills. The meeting AGREED that it was sensible to retain a reasonable sum of money in the accounts for unforeseen circumstances but that more should be made available for facilitating trips and other events. However, the Chairman stressed that the burden for organising visits should not be on just one or two individuals. The Committee was open to ideas and would be happy to support those where there was a decent level of interest from the membership.

The Wimrail exhibition will need to be stewarded and Graham Bevan asked for volunteers – it is our showcase event but will only be successful with appropriate backing from the wider membership – rota sheets are already available at meetings. The costs of staging the event have increased year on year and it can no longer be relied upon to provide surpluses to offset other costs of running the Society. It was noted that the exhibition now has a sub-Regional status and layouts should reflect that which, again, imposes financial pressures on its budget.