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This page is devoted to the Society's layouts.

The Test Track

The Society has a multi-gauge test track which caters for Hornby Dublo 3-rail, N gauge, 12mm (TT/HOm) gauge, OO gauge (four tracks), and a combined 32mm (O) gauge and 45mm (1/G) gauge circuit. The N gauge and 12mm gauge circuits have loops so that while one person is running their train, another can be setting up or removing their train.

Members sometimes need a gentle reminder that junior members should have priority for the first hour, and should let the next person have their turn after 15 minutes.

O Gauge – ‘Horton Road’

Based on a fictitious branch off the Broadstone to Brockenhurst via West Moors line (the ‘Old Main’), the 18′6″ ×  11′6″ layout features fiddle yard to terminus arrangement with a 5′ minimum radius. In addition, an industrial feeder line can be used to create a continuous run, but with a reduced minimum radius of 4′.

The layout has recently come out of store, and is being readied for its first exhibition in several years.

OO Gauge – ‘Wimborne, Dorset’

Based on the Society’s “home” station, this 19′0″ × 11′10″ layout is still under construction. Designed as a double-track ‘tail-chaser’ fed by a eight-road fiddle yard (four Up and four Down roads), the layout features SMP code 75 track and hand-made points. While the track plan is based on the late 1950’s, it is envisaged that it can be operated either as a steam era model, or as a modern day ‘what-if’ had the branch not closed in 1964–1977 period. For more details, click here.

OO-9 – ‘Tarrant Valley’

Our popular freelanced narrow gauge model railway was featured in the February 2006 issue of Railway Modeller. For more details please click here.


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